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Criminal Case Results

People v. R.C. - Possession for Sale/Transportation of approximately 150 pounds of illegal drugs. Case Dismissed after successful motion related to illegal search by law enforcement

People v. M.B. - First Degree Murder Charge. Not Guilty at Trial

People v. C.A. - Arson – 3 Strikes. Probation before Trial

People v. B.M. - Felony DUI. Dismissed before Trial

People v. R.C. - Grand Theft/Embezzlement. Not Guilty at Trial

People v. N.G. - Embezzlement of approximately $400,000.00. Probation before Trial

People v. A.F. - Rape. Charge dismissed and NO sex registration!

People v. D.S. - Transportation of Drugs. Case Dismissed

People v. M.M. - Client charged with 4 counts of felonies and 2 counts of misdemeanors, including a strike felony.  Client is a veteran suffering from PTSD and drug addiction.  After lengthy negotiations, agreed to a plea to a felony that can be reduced to a misdemeanor upon completion of probation.  Judge also indicated that client will do no custody and allowed screening for veteran's court.  In short, client will have the opportunity to have the entire case dismissed, and even if the case isn't dismissed, client will do no time in custody and have only a misdemeanor on his record.

People v. S.G. - Client charged with felony domestic violence.  Case dismissed for insufficient evidence.

People v. R.C. - Client is on a recent grant of DUI probation.  Client involved in a bar fight and arrested for assault and battery.  Case dismissed for insufficient evidence.

People v. L.S. - Client charged with felony domestic violence.  After multiple interviews and investigations, case dismissed for insufficient evidence.  Client subsequently face a restraining order.  After a fully litigated hearing, restraining order was denied.  Client went from facing felony charges to having everything, including civil restraining orders, dismissed against her!

People v. J.S. - Client facing charges relating to fraudulent use of handicap plaque and obstruction of arrest.  Case dismissed for insufficient evidence.

People v. J.L. - Client facing charges for smuggling 2 gun barrels through airport security.  After multiple negotiations and pushing the case to trial call, extracted an offer from the prosecutor where client gets an infraction after doing 40 hours of volunteers work.  Client walks away from the case with the equivalent of a speeding ticket!

People v. M.A. - Client facing charges relating to tax fraud and receiving stolen property.  After following up with the case for over 6 months, case dismissed for insufficient evidence.

People v. S.H. - Client facing theft charges and caught on camera.  Case poses  serious consequences for client as client is an international student and a conviction involving moral turpitude could potentially cause the revocation of her status.  Case dismissed after an agreement to take a class and perform volunteer work.

People v. D.L. - Client facing felony domestic violence charges.  Interviewed witnesses immediately and got on top of the situation before charges could be filed.  Case dismissed for insufficient evidence.

People v. G.C. - Client facing felony domestic violence charges.  Case dismissed for insufficient evidence.  Client then faced restraining order from girlfriend.  Negotiated a resolution whereby client and girlfriend agreed to an informal no-negative contact order.  Client escapes case with no conviction and is allowed to continue visit his daughter!

People v. C.D. - Client charged for theft offense.  After multiple negotiations, pushed case to trial call.  Extracted a final agreement whereby client walks away with only a disturbing the peace charge and a small fine.

People v. R.L. - Client charged for 6 counts of domestic violence and related crimes.  Made multiple investigative trips and interviewed victim extensively.  After multiple negotiations, prosecutor agreed to dismiss case altogether.

People v. A.A. - Client charged for assault with deadly weapon, a strike felony.  Incident occurred on school grounds and client is a Chinese international student on a student VISA.  Interviewed multiple witnesses and spoke with school to prepare for the case.  After multiple investigative trips, case dismissed.  Further, client and school came to an agreement whereby client voluntarily transfers in exchange for having no record in his school record.

People v. E.S. - Client facing multiple charges relating to driving without a license, reckless driving, etc.  Negotiated offer whereby client walks away with an infraction and a minimal fine.  Client avoids custody, a misdemeanor record, and did not even need probation!

People v. D.X. - Client faces domestic violence charge.  Case involves officers who went into a neighbor's home and viewing activities through the window.  After multiple investigative trips, case dismissed for insufficient evidence.

People v. J.L. - Client has 4 cases stemming from multiple incidences of reckless driving, driving without a valid license, driving without insurance, etc.  Negotiated a global offer where client only pleads to infractions, and pays a minimal fine to wrap up all cases.  Client walks away with no custody, no misdemeanors, and paid a fine that is less than one-third of a normal statutory amount.

People v. J.W. - Client charged for theft relating to a shoplifting incident.  Client has a lengthy history with multiple prison sentences.  Client turned his life around, but the case nevertheless occurred because of tragic circumstances.  After multiple negotiations, client pled to a misdemeanor with no custody, no public works, and summary probation only.

People v. K.C. - Client faces multiple drug charges including possession, possession for sale, and possession of paraphernalia.  Client also has multiple priors relating to similar offenses.  After getting a late call to take on the case, worked quickly to work out a disposition where client pleads only to a misdemeanor of possessing paraphernalia.  Client released from custody the same day!

People v. T.S. - Client faces serious drug charges from having over 100 marijuana plants.  Prosecutor initially wanted years of custody, eventually deadlocked at 180 days of custody.  After multiple negotiations and investigative trips, agreed to 90 days of custody, but can be served through alternatives.  Client walked out of court with credit for time served, and merely need to do public work service to satisfy the remainder of his custody!

People v. V.S. - Client charged for child abuse.  After multiple negotiations, the case could not come to an agreement.  Pushed case to trial, and after a full jury trial, jury finds client not guilty on both child abuses and simple battery.  Client walks out with only an assault conviction.  Sentenced to volunteer work only.  No custody, no child abuse conviction, and not even public work service.

People v. A.O. - Client charged with felony DUI and great bodily injury and has 2 prior strike convictions. Client looking at possible 3rd strike, minimum exposure was 10 to 14 years. After months of private investigator work District Attorney referred to City Attorney as a misdemeanor. After 4 months of voluntary rehab negotiated a plea involving no custody with 180 days on CPAC (ankle monitor) which can be removed after 90 days and 20 days on Public Work Service.

People v. J.P. - Client charged with Felony Domestic Violence. Client retained firm for pre-file in attempt to dismiss prior to felony arraignment. Case was completely rejected by the district attorney’s office and client received a follow up letter notifying him that the booking arrest will only now show detained. Client has a professional license issued by the State of California.

People v. S.V. - Client charged with Transportation and Distribution of 33 kilos of methamphetamine thru the San Ysidro port of entry. States offer was more the 7 years in the women’s state prison, client had no prior arrests. Prosecutors had video showing the cars entering and leaving the United States to Mexico and 3 other co-defendants’. Bail was set at $250,000.00. After several months of legal examination and deliberation and chamber conferences with the judge we reached an agreement of a split sentence which reduced the clients jail time to 1 year. Client was eligible for release after 6 months and was released 3 weeks later with credit for time served.

People v. D.C. - Client charged with VC23153 Felony DUI with Special Allegations of PC12022.7 and VC23558 (Great Bodily Injury). Clients bail was $100,000.00. Clients exposure was 9 years and there were 2 victims. Firm utilized our Private Investigator and legal team

People v. M. P. - Client was charged with felony domestic violence and bail was $50,000. Client was currently employed within the police department in Imperial County and was facing serious consequences. After posting bail the client also was served a temporary restraining order which further complicated not only the criminal case but his ability to perform his duties at work because he was unable to carry his service weapon. San Diego Criminal Attorney was able to have the felony charges rejected prior to the arraignment date and all charges were dismissed. Moreover, we represented the client in the temporary restraining order trial and the judge quashed the restraining order, this result allowed him to continue to carry his police issued service weapon, as well as continue to visit and see his children.

People v. S.D. - Client was charged with Felony Domestic Violence PC273.5 as well as Child Endangerment. Client had a job in the financial field and any conviction of a felony would be automatic grounds for dismissal. Client retained law firm and at the preliminary hearing the case was bound over to the Superior Court and set the case for trial. After several attempts to negotiate an acceptable resolution to the case, the District Attorney’s Office was unable and unwilling to negotiate and cooperate with us. Attorney Vincent Ross set the case for trial, and after five days of jury trial and deliberation the client was found not guilty and received a full acquittal.