Being investigated for a crime is a very serious matter and requires immediate action on your part. Before answering any questions or meeting with any local, state or federal law enforcement investigators, you must contact a San Diego criminal defense attorney. If investigators are reaching out to you, you need to be aware that you potentially will be arrested at some point. Investigators are typically reaching out to you to gather additional information to strengthen their case against you. Once sufficient information has been collected, you will be arrested. Timing is critical and any mistake made when talking with law enforcement can be extremely damaging. It is vital to your future and your case that you protect your rights by retaining the assistance of a defense attorney prior to answering any questions.

Questioning by law officials can be particularly stressful. Often times the stress leads some individuals to want to explain their position or to become overly talkative. Law enforcement is trained to elicit information which will support their case. It is in this situation that the information you provide will later be used to convict you. It is essential that you resist the urge to talk to law enforcement, until you have sought out the assistance of an attorney.


 “Pre-filing” is the stage in which law enforcement begins investigating those individuals suspected of committing a crime or being associated with a crime (no charges have formally been filed against you at this time).  Investigators may have already contacted you, your family, or others you are associated with. Often times, you are not required to talk to anyone or provide any information during this type of questioning. If you suspect that you are being investigated, do not wait until you are arrested or for charges to be filed. A defense attorney can begin researching your case and providing you with required advice. Additionally, an attorney can reach out to law enforcement early in the process to deter potential interviews, line-ups, fingerprinting, or any other investigation techniques used to gather evidence which will later be used against you. A criminal defense attorney will protect your rights, assist in minimizing allegations and often can informally resolve issues in your case by alternate methods. It is vital to circumvent criminal charges from being filed. However, if prosecution is unavoidable, pre-file work completed by an attorney can help clients with a voluntary surrender to avoid being arrested in public, as well as assist with arranging bail in order to minimize your stay in custody.

We are dedicated to protecting you and your rights when charged with serious crimes. If you or a loved one is being investigated in connection with a crime, contact Ross Law Center to schedule a consultation today.

At Ross Law Center one of the services we offer that sets us apart is representation of clients during an investigation prior to an arrest or filing of criminal charges. Often times a client will have been contacted by law enforcement prior to any arrest having been made. Sometimes an officer will visit a client in person or make contact by phone inquiring whether the individual has knowledge of the circumstances of an alleged crime. The officer may be interested in the person as a suspect or witness. It is vitally important that the person not say or do anything during the investigation that may tend to incriminate him or her.

Having a skilled and knowledgeable attorney on your side during this time can often make the difference between being arrested and charged or remaining at liberty. Typical examples of this are cases involving domestic violence, hit and run, white collar crime such as embezzlement or employee theft, other financial crimes or any other alleged crime which requires an investigation to corroborate the statements of witnesses. Sometimes these investigations may go on for months. Knowing that your attorney is protecting your interests during this time can relieve much of the fear and anxiety of knowing that you may be a suspect.

If you have been contacted by law enforcement or even suspect you may be under investigation do not hesitate to contact our office. All communications are held in strictest confidence and we will do everything possible to insure that your rights are protected. We will meet in the privacy and security of our office preventing any outside monitoring of our meeting. If you are contacted by law enforcement remember your right to remain silent is your most important right. Use it! Then call Ross Defense Group to have one of our team members schedule a consultation.