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Testimonials for San Diego Criminal Attorney

In March of 2016 I was arrested for Felony DUI and leaving the scene of an accident with injury.  I have 2 prior strike felonies over 10 years ago and to be honest I was feeling as though my life was over so I was just going to take my chances with a public defender.  My husband got on-line and started doing some research and took it upon himself to call attorney Vincent Ross at San Diego Criminal Attorney and they spoke to my husband for over an hour.  My husband convinced me a couple of day later to call and schedule an appointment since my court date was in a week.  We met first with Vincent Ross and Thomas Wang.  I was surprised that all three were there to meet with me.  Their office is absolutely beautiful and comfortable and I immediately felt at ease.  They spent about 3 hours meeting with myself, my husband, and my parents and explained the legal process and answered all of our questions.  The day of court I got a call that the case was scratched while the district attorney continued to gather information and would refile at a later time, which by the way they explained that “scratch” process in my initial consultation.  About two weeks later they obtained my discovery packet from the DMV and they uncovered some very interesting information.  Attorney Ross said he was skeptical of the so called great bodily injury by the victim and recommended that we use their private investigator Kevin to do some investigating on the case.  My family and I then had a private meeting with attorney Ross, Thomas, and Kevin and Vincent explained to Kevin his concerns and presented me with a copy of my reports from the DMV.  Over the course of the next 2 months Kevin gathered information regarding the victim’s injuries and did surveillance.  About 2 months later I was called into the office and attorney Ross showed me the report from Kevin and informed me he wanted to share this information as it may be valuable in our defense.  About 2 weeks later I got a letter from the City Attorney’s office charging me with a misdemeanor DUI and no longer a felony!  It should be noted that when I completed my initial consultation attorney Ross suggested that I get a referral from my primary care physician and begin a recovery treatment program, attend AA, and he also suggested to have me monitored by SCRAM which I gladly agreed to do.  The firm also showed me how they wanted me to keep a log of my daily meeting and to continually bring them my medical reports and progress reports.  San Diego Criminal Attorney and attorney Ross then attended my court appearances and after a few months Mr. Ross said that due to my prior criminal history the City Attorney was asking for 180 days in custody.  Mr. Ross then said he was not done and he was going to continue to fight for me because I had completed my recovery and followed all his directions so he was going to ask for a chambers conference with the judge. His plan was to lay out my entire recovery program and ask to have my time on CPAC (ankle bracelet) and that I continue with my recovery program.  On October 21st Mr. Ross called me into the office to let me know that after the judge reviewed all the records and treatment program records the judge agreed for me to do CPAC for 180 days and if I do well I can get it off in just 90 days.  Had I not hired this firm and if charged with a felony due to my prior felony strikes I was looking at 14 or more years in prison.  Had the felony DUI been filed as a strike it would have been my 3rd strike and I may have done 25 to life.  I’ve been in recovery now for almost 7 months and thanks to San Diego Criminal Attorney I have been given a new lease on life.  My family owes everything to them, and I cannot thank their team enough and I am so proud to share my experience and hope that others give themselves the chance to meet with such wonderful and caring people.  The teamwork of the law firm is what sets them so far apart from everyone else. People vs A.O. Superior Court Central Division, San Diego

Tina F.

San Diego

I recently stood in the face of a potentially life-altering crossroad. I was arrested twice in the span of 24 hours and charged with multiple felonies including robbery, burglary, and grand theft.  As a veteran diagnosed with PTSD from my deployment to Afghanistan, I knew in my heart of hearts that I am not a bad person.  But in court, I was nobody.  No one knew my story, I was just another person charged with violent felonies. I called The San Diego Criminal Attorney, and that is when everything changed. I met with attorney Vincent Ross and attorney Thomas Wang, who spent several hours with me going over my entire case.  We started with my military background, moved onto the case, and even discussed my life post-military.  They spent all this time talking to me, all before I even retained them!  After my consultation, I was sure that they are the right office.  In the following weeks, attorney Thomas Wang walked me through my preparation for court.  From gathering documentation of my PTSD, to enrolling in the VVSD program.  Throughout the entire process, I had both attorney Vincent Ross and attorney Thomas Wang’s personal cellphone number, and he would answer all of my questions promptly.  By the time my next court date, I felt comfortable and confident that the result would be different this time.  And the result WAS different! Mr. Wang spent the entire morning in court talking to the judge.  Mr. Wang had my military record, school record, medical record, and other vocational certifications.  He argued on my behalf professionally, and showed everyone who I really am as a person.  In the end, I was blown away by the result.  The judge indicated that I would only need to plead guilty to burglary, a none strike charge.  I would do no custody, and be allowed to go through veteran’s court.  If I complete veteran’s court successful, my entire case will be dismissed!  Mr. Wang even built a contingency plan for me in the event that I fail out of veteran’s court.  He made sure that the burglary could be reduced to a misdemeanor even if I could not complete veteran’s court successfully. In the end, I went from facing multiple felonies, including strike felonies, to pleading to a none strike burglary.  My maximum prison time was well over 10 years, but I will do no time.  My case will either be dismissed through veteran’s court, or I will only have a misdemeanor in time.  I cannot express how happy I am with the result. Attorney Vincent Ross, Thomas Wang, and their entire staff is truly dedicated to their clients.  I am so happy that I retained them to represent me at my toughest moment.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is ever in trouble.  They are truly unlike any other firm out there. People vs M.M. Superior Court North County, Vista


San Diego, CA

We retained San Diego Criminal Attorney Firm after our initial attorney was not willing in my opinion to fight against the judicial system. I was arrested (I feel wrongly arrested) for a domestic violence charge (PC 273.5) and my bail was set at 50,000.   From the beginning my first attorney kept promising me that we were going to be able to achieve a favorable outcome. It became very clear and apparent to me early in my case that this was not going to be the situation and my attorney wanted me to sign a plea at our second court date. I’ve been in the military and served the United States Department of Defense for over 15 years. I was not going to allow this charge to ruin my military career, and more importantly my life after the military.  My plan was to use the G.I. Bill and go back to school to further my education and begin a career as a systems engineer.  I knew that this type of charge would not only expel me from the military but prevent me from getting and job in the future.  I began doing research and I interviewed two law firms to get their opinion on my case. When I contacted San Diego Criminal Attorney I spoke with attorney Vincent Ross who immediately set me up for an initial consultation. He spent a considerable amount of time on the phone learning about my case and set me up with the private meeting with himself his associates and his private investigator. After spending more than two hours in his office it became clearly apparent that I had chosen the right attorney to represent me. To say that I was impressed is an understatement.  From the moment you walk in there was an “energy” in their office.  I met the receptionist, the assistants, and we were treated with such respect and dignity.  Mr. Ross and his staff immediately filed for a substitution of counsel and the private investigator Kevin sat down and spent hours asking me questions and immediately started interviewing the alleged victim in this case. At the next court date Mr. Ross spoke to the District Attorney’s Office and we set the case for preliminary hearing. At the preliminary hearing the state called their witnesses and my case was bound over and we set the case for jury trial. Throughout the months that I worked very closely with the legal staff at San Diego Criminal Attorney my confidence in my defense grew as well as my confidence in my defense team. After a four-day jury trial all the charges against me were dismissed and I was found not guilty and I received a complete acquittal. Nevertheless, I suffered reputable damages to my reputation and still had to undergo a review through the military. If it was not for the team at San Diego Criminal Attorney, I can say with certainty that I would not have received a full acquittal at my trial. I am very pleased and proud as a marine to write this review for attorney Vincent Ross and thank the entire team at San Diego Criminal Attorney. My family, my parents, and those closest to me all know the type of person that I really am. San Diego Criminal Attorney took the time to personally learn about who I was as a person and what my goals and expectations in my case were before retaining me as a client. Lastly, their flat fee was very affordable.  I remember in the beginning when I walked into their law firm if I would be able to afford all this.  Do not pre judge them!  The flat fee the law firm gave me was LOWER than my first “jack-of-all-trades” lawyer was.  I was astonished.  I will tell anyone who’s facing a criminal charge that you owe to yourself to speak to them and take advantage of their free consultation. People vs T.K. Superior Court Central Division, San Diego


San Diego, CA

For Privacy purposes let's call myself RC, I am a current client of Mr. Holmes and Colleagues. I have retained Mr. Holmes and staff for a Felony DU with Great Bodily Harm in San Diego County. I was very worried and frightened with the consequences I was going to face. Mr. Holmes showed up while I was incarcerated after speaking with him I felt a sense of relief and comfort, I knew I wasn't alone. He had a strategic plan of attack for my case. The District Attorney was imposing a 18 month Prison Sentence. The hard efforts and commitment put forth by Mr. Holmes and Staff have reduced my sentence to 150 days in Jail with Alternatives meaning I could possibly stay out of Jail and do a Work Release Program. I am very pleased to have retained Mr. Holmes and would highly recommend them to any Friends or Family in a similar situation. I hope this letter of recommendation finds those in need of a good Staff that delivers results and stands up for their Clients. Thank you and I send my best wishes to you all.


San Diego County, CA

I would like to express my gratitude. When I called the office I was in shambles not having a clue as to what was happening. I felt overwhelmed and afraid. The person I spoke to was Mr. Holmes. He gave me a sense of relief & reassurance. He was very courteous & patient with me. After my phone call my daughter & mother & I said “What a relief” & we all said we feel so much better. Then we scheduled a meeting with Mr. Holmes & David, my apologies for not having David’s last name. My husband and I went to our appointment & I can’t express what a relief we felt. We knew we were in good hands & not alone. Not once did they talk about fees, nor show any kind of judgement or being impatient with us. They only showed us concern, very courteous & very helpful. I thank you all for giving us a piece of mind & making us feel alive. Thank You, Sonya.


Temecula, CA

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