A capable San Diego Criminal Appeals Lawyer is a critical asset for getting a conviction overturned at a higher court. Successful appeals are based on a number of factors that include an unjust accusation, incompetent counsel at the trial court, or errors on the part of the prosecution.

Basically, an appeal is a request to a higher court asking for reversal of a guilty verdict made at a trial court. The appeal must be prepared carefully and presented skillfully for a case to be heard at a court of appeals.

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The Appeals Attorneys at Ross Law Center have exceptional skill at interviewing, researching, writing, and presenting. If necessary we can use a private investigator to look into possible problems with an accusation.

If you feel that you or someone close to you has been unjustly convicted, contact Ross Law Center. Our Appeals Attorneys have the skill, knowledge, and determination to ensure that your constitutional rights are fully protected.

A writ is a formal order issued by a higher court to either a government official or to a lower court. Often the government official is a prison warden. Writs may be prompted when

New evidence is discovered. A defendant may be able to obtain a writ of habeas corpus, which reverses a conviction because new evidence is discovered following the trial.
Immediate relief is required. For example, a writ of mandamus may compel a trial judge to suppress evidence that was found illegally.
Appeals are unsuccessful. Defendants can petition for a writ of habeas requesting that an appeals court reverse a conviction if previous appeals have been denied.
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Writs are generally considered extraordinary measures – they are allowed only when a judge determines that a defendant has no other remedy. If a writ appears to be your only solution, contact Ross Law Center for a free consultation.

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