People of Calif. vs. G.S. (DTLA Criminal Courts Building):

The Facts:

Our client, “Mr. S.”, an ex-con with a rap sheet a mile long, was now accused of waving a semi-automatic assault rifle in a threatening manner at the accuser during a heated altercation.

The Charges: 

2 felony counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon (ADW) (California Penal Code section 245(a)(1)); and 

Strike Offense (Penal Code section 667(a)&(b)).

The Process:

From the first time he met with Ninaz, Mr. S insisted he was innocent, which only made her fight that much harder for him. This included her conducting a months’-long investigation to find evidence proving his innocence, including eyewitnesses who could dispute the accuser’s version of events.

Ninaz ultimately did what she does best – try the case before a jury. At trial, she was able to methodically destroy every one of the individuals who claimed Mr. J had been the aggressor, and that he had brandished the assault rifle at him. She was even able to show the jury why these so-called witnesses had a motive to lie to protect the accuser. 

Next, her witnesses convincingly testified that Mr. J had only been defending himself. She also put on several forensics experts who effectively attacked the DA’s experts’ testimony.


Not guilty on all charges.