Domestic violence is one of the most common areas of law of practiced at the San Diego Criminal Attorneys. Domestic violence can have significant consequences on anybody who is employed with the Department of Defense, law-enforcement, carries any type of a professional license, is state regulated by the state of California, or anyone that has routine background or fingerprint checks done for their employment. Domestic violence cases in California, especially in San Diego, can carry bail ranging between $25,000-$50,000. The state of California and San Diego County prosecute domestic violence cases aggressively and are very limited in the options that they give many of those accused of the crime. It is very important to have an early discussion with your attorney to determine if it is possible to have the charges dropped or rejected prior to the initial court date. We will work closely with each client in making a determination of what is the best pathway for the defense of your case.


In California, drug crimes maybe filed as either a state or federal charge involving the sale, distribution, manufacturing, possession, cultivation, or trafficking of a controlled substance and/or narcotics. These crimes may include a multitude of controlled substances, prescription drugs, opiates, and dangerous drugs. The most common example of these drugs are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crack, methamphetamines, and steroids. Drug crimes can range between possession or sales, which also includes the unauthorized use or distribution of many prescription type of drugs. Our law firm has attorneys who are specifically trained in both the federal and state court. Drug crimes can become very complex if there is the addition of codefendants and/or organized crime.


Federal crimes can be more serious and much more complex and sophisticated than cases involving state court. The federal government, by and large, has many more resources, including better-trained investigators from agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ATF, and homeland security. Often the prosecutors on the federal level are also better trained and can be more aggressive than their state counterparts. If anyone has been questioned or investigated by any federal agency or have been charged with a criminal crime, you have to be represented by an attorney who has a tremendous amount of legal expertise in the federal court room. The attorney must be experienced in both federal prosecution and the complex federal criminal procedures.


If you have a criminal case or even a DUI after your case is completed, you may be placed on either supervised or summary probation. At the end of the case you are generally subject to terms and conditions of release and there are requirements that must be completed as a part of your probation. If these terms and conditions are not followed, it is considered a violation of the terms and conditions of your probation and oftentimes a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Depending on the nature of your violation your probation may be extended or a petition may be able to be filed to reinstate your original terms and conditions of your probation. It is very important to consult with an attorney from our law firm, so that we have a clear understanding as to the type of violation and the best remedy for us to reinstate your probation. The attorneys at San Diego Criminal Attorney have been handling probation violations for over 29 years. We have this skills, training and expertise to fight aggressively to reimpose your condition of probation to avoid jail or prison time.


Sex crimes can be amongst the most serious types of criminal felonies that our law firm handles. These crimes can range from sexual assault, sexual abuse, child pornography, sexual misconduct, and rape. These types of crimes require a law firm that has the tools and investigation power to go up against this states prosecution team. It is imperative that you contact an attorney as soon as you learn of an allegation, or if you’ve been asked to submit to a polygraph or speak to a detective and answer questions. It is very important to contact our law firm before you answer any questions to thoroughly understand what your rights are. Many times the mistakes that people make in the beginning can have crucial consequences towards the end of their case. It is imperative that you seek a strong legal defense team to discuss your case and get professional legal advice.


Theft crimes can range from a minor shoplifting charge to a commercial burglary. Theft crimes can include shoplifting, commercial burglary, residential burglary, forgery, and also can entail white collar crimes such as passing a bad checks, embezzlement, forgery, and identity theft. These crimes also carry a term known as moral turpitude. They can have a significant recourse on a person’s background check, or fingerprint clearance. These crimes can also have a detrimental effect on those people who are trying to become US citizens.


Violent crimes in California are any criminal offense in which there is the threat or use of force against a victim. It can also include the threat and/or use of a dangerous instrument, such as a knife, or a gun. Examples of these types of charges include domestic violence, assault, battery, kidnapping, weapons charges, arson, and murder. These types of crimes are aggressively punished by the criminal court system, which means that the person must have a good and aggressive legal team next to him or her.


Vehicle crimes can range from DUI, Underage DUI, DUI with great bodily injury, Felony DUI, Vehicular manslaughter, Watson murder, hit and run, Vehicle insurance fraud, and driving on a suspended license. A DUI arrest can have devastating consequences on a person’s ability to drive and operate a motor vehicle. Many vehicular types of crimes require the use and assistance of our investigators, since many vehicular crimes need the assistance of an accident scene investigation and/or detective. Discussing your case immediately with an attorney can stop the automatic suspension of the person’s driver’s license. Developing an early defense strategy can make significate and positive impacts months from now. Utilizing proven treatment and rehabilitation facilities, along with specially trained licensed psychologist and psychiatrists, gives our clients the complete legal defense team and thus securing the best outcome in their case.